Corporate message

What Home Can Bring to the World

We at SEKISUI HOUSE not only continue to build houses, but create homes and communities that become essential assets to society while constantly considering the global environment and high quality community development.

Needs for homes and communities change over time. Through our advanced technologies that achieve better "health," "safety" and "security," and comprehensive researches to understand the ways of living in each country and region, particularly in "culture," "generation" and "lifestyle" we will continue to make today's comfort even better for tomorrow.

Our creativity to freely design every home differently to fulfill and exceed the desires in living according to each customer. Our ability to build homes with superior standards in performance and quality by developing housing materials that leverage leading edge technologies at our local factories,so the highest level of living comfort can be delivered to our customers around the world. These innovations are integrated into every SEKISUI HOUSE.

For a lasting relationship with and further satisfaction for our customers through homes, we will leverage our proven expertise and knowledge cultivated over half a century in Japan to evolve even further as a leading innovator in home and community development.

We will continue to build on our performance through our conviction that high quality homes will be essential assets to society. We are committed to continually provide higher levels of living comfort for today and tomorrow.

Changing the World Through Living