Ecco Ripley

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Ecco Ripley is a large-scale complex development located about 40 minutes' drive southwest of Brisbane, Australia. Amidst over 40 hectares of parklands and open space, Sekisui House is developing the Ripley Town Centre that will form the heart of the extensive community. One of the first communities to be approved for the Green Star PILOT initiative (supported by the Green Building Council of Australia), Ecco Ripley will be a thriving place of commerce, learning, shopping, recreation and dining that will also allow residents to lead an enriching lifestyle surrounded by nature.
  • Property information
  • Site area : 1,940,000 m² (194ha)
  • Commercial Gross Floor Area (Ripley Town Centre) : 257,000 m²
  • No. of residential lots : 4,000
  • Completion of Construction : 2033
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