Tackling social challenges head-on with an eye to the global context

Chairman & Representative Director Toshinori Abe

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Happiness:Our core concept for a bright future of ongoing business growth

President & Representative Director Yoshihiro Nakai

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Aiming to be a leading company in ESG management, and creating a sustainable society

The Sekisui House Group has specified that ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives are important management topics. They have been incorporated in our Medium-Term Management Plan, and we are striving to create and develop a sustainable society as a management foundation. In addition, our long-term goal for ESG management is the realization of our Sustainability Vision 2050. This vision also establishes our medium-term goals for 2030, taking into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, and we are making steady progress towards creating our ideal society

Contributing to sustainable development in every country and region from the perspective of the four key values

In the overseas business too, Sekisui House views housing value from the multidimensional perspectives of its four key values: environmental value, economic value, social value and homeowner value, and strives to increase the value of each. When developing business overseas, we thoroughly research the climate, natural features, culture and lifestyles in each country or region and aim to create sustainable houses and communities based on the specific requirements of the region. We will continue to respect the unchanging universal value of housing while responding to the needs of the changing times with advanced technologies to help achieve the SDGs by carrying out development (sustainable development) that will serve as an asset for the country or region.

Value Creation Vision and Strategy

Global solutions

Resolving social issues in each country by leveraging the technology and expertise developed in Japan

Sekisui House's overseas business has been growing each year, and in our ongoing Fourth Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2017-FY2019), we have positioned it as the fourth pillar of our growth strategy along with our built-to-order, supplied housing and development businesses.
We operate our business in Australia, USA, UK, China and Singapore and expect future expansion in sustainable and stable demand for housing in all the five countries. We aim to make full use of the strengths we have developed as a leading Japanese industrialized housing company to offer highly satisfying housing suitable for each county's culture, lifestyle habits, and natural environment. We believe that our environmental technologies-including net-zero energy housing (ZEH), which take global warming and resource issues into consideration, and advanced community-building know-how, represented in the Gohon no ki project that considers the ecosystem around the house-can contribute to resolving social issues faced by each country.
In our overseas business, we have mainly focused on the development business. However, we now seek to explore the possibilities of the built-to-order (e.g., custom detached houses, rental housing), and supplied housing (e.g., property management, rental housing management) businesses as well. In other words, our growth strategy for our overseas business here on involves applying our domestic strategy- expanding and strengthening these three areas: development, supplied housing and built-to-order. To expand these diverse businesses on a global scale, we will continue to focus on building trusting relationships with excellent local partners and promoting global training and education of superior local human resources that understand Sekisui House's principles and ideas to further promote localization of our business.


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