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Changing the World Through Living



What Home Can Bring
to the World

We at SEKISUI HOUSE not only continue to build houses, but create homes and communities that become essential assets to society while constantly considering the global environment and high quality community development.

Needs for homes and communities change over time. Through our advanced technologies that achieve better ghealth,h gsafetyh and gsecurity,h and comprehensive researches to understand the ways of living in each country and region, particularly in gculture,h ggenerationh and glifestyleh we will continue to make todayfs comfort even better for tomorrow.

Our creativity to freely design every home differently to fulfill and exceed the desires in living according to each customer. Our ability to build homes with superior standards in performance and quality by developing housing materials that leverage leading edge technologies at our local factories,

so the highest level of living comfort can be delivered to our customers around the world. These innovations are integrated into every SEKISUI HOUSE.

For a lasting relationship with and further satisfaction for our customers through homes, we will leverage our proven expertise and knowledge cultivated over half a century in Japan to evolve even further as a leading innovator in home and community development.

We will continue to build on our performance through our conviction that high quality homes will be essential assets to society. We are committed to continually provide higher levels of living comfort for today and tomorrow.


Changing the World
Through Living


What makes our lives comfortable?

A comfortable environment,
both indoor and outdoor

SEKISUI HOUSE is committed to:

Protecting the natural environment,

Summerwood -USA-

Preserving cultural and historical heritage


Recycling resources and

Net-zero-energy home increased to 74% -Japan-

Fostering communities

The Hermitage -Australia-

for the sole purpose of passing on a comfortable
living environment to future generations.

-SEKISUI HOUSE Sustainable Development-


Initiatives for Sustainability





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    Enriching the residential environment and making it ever more attractive

    Since our company was founded in 1960, we at Sekisui House have always prioritized our customersf lifestyles, incorporating the very latest technologies as we engage in business with a customer-oriented approach to bring people comfortable living, at all times. As leaders in the Japanese housing industry, we were among the first to become involved in developing environmental technologies to help achieve a sustainable society.
    Our track record has also garnered a high level of recognition, and we are expanding our international business. Homes are not items to be consumed, but social capital to be passed on and lived in by future generations and other families. Ensuring that our customers remain just as satisfied over several decades is our vital mission. With our fundamental philosophy of glove of humanityh at the core of our corporate identity, we will continue to fulfill our responsibility as a company that plays a vital role both locally and globally.

    Toshinori Abe

    Chairman & Representative Director

    Yoshihiro Nakai

    President & Representative Director

    Toshinori Abe

    Chairman & Representative Director

    Yoshihiro Nakai

    President & Representative Director

    Corporation Name
    Sekisui House, Ltd.
    Head Office
    1-1-88, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0076, Japan
    Date of Establishment
    August 1, 1960
    24,857 employees(Consolidatedj
    (As of July 31, 2018)
    Tohoku (Miyagi), Kanto (Ibaraki), Shizuoka, Hyogo and Yamaguchi factories
    Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute (Kyoto)
    Cumulative Number of Houses Built
    2,403,963 houses (As of July 31, 2018)
    Subsidiaries & Affiliates
    • Sekiwa Real Estate Group, 8 Companies.
    • Sekisui House Remodeling Group, 3 Companies.
    • Sekiwa Construction Group, 18 Companies.
    • Sekisui House Asset Management, Ltd.
    • Sekisui House Investment Advisors, Ltd.
    • Sekisui House Australia Holdings Pty Limited
    • Sekisui House Australia Pty Limited
    • Sekisui House US Holdings, LLC
    • North America Sekisui House, LLC
    • SH Residential Holdings, LLC
    • Woodside Homes Company, LLC
    • Sekisui House Singapore Pte.Ltd.
    • Sekisui House(China)Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House Construction Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd
    • Sekisui House Advanced Manufacturing (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House No.1 (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui HouseEChangcheng (Suzhou) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui HouseEChangcheng (Suzhou) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House No.2 (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
    • Sekisui House (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

    and other companies


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