Assets for Life Our homes and communities are built on the principle of Keinen-bika – becoming more beautiful over time.
Maintaining and increasing the value of your home as an asset; growing together with your family.

Houses that grow together with families

*Specifications vary by country.

Adapting to future changes in lifestyles

Adapting to future changes in lifestyles image

Flexible changes of layout and extensions

Our requirements towards houses change with time, due to changes in family composition and lifestyles.
Thanks to SHAWOOD’s unique structural system, the floor layout can be changed at a reasonable cost.
Extensions can also be made smoothly and safely, without putting excessive stress on the existing structure.

Superior durability of Bellburn exterior wall panels

Bellburn ceramic exterior wall panels

Protect your home and family with our unique fire-resistant wall panels

The beauty of traditional ceramics made with the latest precision technology to ensure superior aesthetics, decades-long color quality, extremely low maintenance and enhanced fire resistance.
Only available on Sekisui House's SHAWOOD homes, Bellburn wall panels will help make your home a durable and beautiful sanctuary that lasts across the generations.

  • Exterior wall that brings out high-quality character image

    Exterior wall that brings out high-quality character

    A piece of earthenware, born from earth, fire and glaze.
    Used in Japan and certain other markets, our original Bellburn ceramic exterior wall panels were created from the idea of using this unique texture and feel for the exterior walls of houses.
    Made by the same process as pottery, each tile has its own unique characteristic.
    Warm but powerful, soft and beautiful earthenware.
    This is an exterior wall with a truly one of a kind character.

  • Superior maintenance capability image

    Superior maintenance capability

    The exterior walls form an extremely important part of a house, not only from the standpoint of beauty but also of maintaining the building.
    Bellburn suffers almost no changes or loss of color even in harsh weather conditions, and can retain its beauty from when it was brand new, minimizing the trouble and cost of long-term maintenance.

  • Earthquake resistant exterior walls

    Bellburn has been tested in earthquake experiments, and has been proven to withstand the largest earthquakes with no major damage.
    With its originally developed attachment method, it has been confirmed that there is no cracking or displacement despite repeated tests.
    Thanks to the high-performance sealing material used in the connecting joints, the risk of gaps forming has been mitigated over the long-term.

  • Resistance to fire (1)

    Fired at a high temperature of approx.
    1100°C, Bellburn has strong fire resistance capabilities, similar to pottery.
    Areas of the house covered in Bellburn can withstand temperatures of 840°C, which is the typical temperature of a fire in an adjacent house.

  • Resistance to fire (2)

    The outside of a house is exposed to roughly 1,500°F (840°C) temperatures when there is a fire in a wood framed house 3 meters away, but with our fire-resistant cladding, the inside of the wall is kept to below 212°F (100°C), well below the flame point of wood, which is 500°F (260°C).

    Distance from homeHeating time

Dual Ventilation System, creating a passageway of air throughout the whole house

Preventing moisture, and improving the durability of the whole house

In order to maintain a house over the long-term, it is important to maintain the structure.
With wooden houses, it is especially important to prevent internal condensation in the walls and other enclosed portions of the structure.
SHAWOOD houses are constructed by first installing the roof and then working on the interior, thereby leaving no moisture.
By securing the airtightness of the envelope and leaving no gaps, moisture is prevented from entering the inside of the walls, and even if moisture does enter, it is discharged promptly.
In order to discharge moisture that enters from outside, SHAWOOD developed the Dual Ventilation System, with 2 air layers inside the walls.
By creating a passageway of air on the outside as well as the inside of the structural plywood, moisture is discharged using the natural upward flow of air.
Moreover, air passageways have been designed in locations such as the attic, under the floor and balcony, where moisture tends to accumulate.
Even if moisture ends up entering, the whole house discharges the moisture, improving the durability of the building.

Preventing moisture, and improving the durability of the whole house image

Homes that add value with age

Creating Keinen Bika communities

Thinking of homes as part of the community

Sekisui House is pursuing the concept of Keinen Bika, or creating a landscape that grows more beautiful over time.
Keinen Bika means to create communities that blend in with the natural environment and scenery, to build durable houses using materials that do not deteriorate over time, and to consider the environment to create a rich and lively community that strikes the balance with a cyclical life that harmonizes with the environment.
The Keinen Bika community-building is not just about pursuing asset value, but nurturing the community with the local society, valuing the balance with the intrinsic ecosystem of the area, and creating a sustainable community in which everyone can live comfortably in the generations to come.

Thinking of homes as part of the community image

The Gohon-no-ki indigenous landscaping concept

Gohon-no-ki indigenous landscaping concept image

Garden planning that considers the ecosystem

3 for the birds, 2 for the butterflies.
The Gohon-no-ki concept is a Sekisui House unique concept for creating gardens and communities that consider the local ecosystem.
The aim is to connect with other living creatures and nature, and to sustain & revive the ecosystem network that is being lost.
With the concept of planting trees that are indigenous to the area - 3 for the birds, 2 for the butterflies - we plant trees that suit the climate of each area in each country, which brings blessings to various living beings, and improves the beauty of trees that have been nurtured over the long-term, as well improving the value of assets in the community.
Our ultimate goal is for the garden of the house to contribute to enriching the environment as part of the local ecosystem.

*Specifications vary by country.