Exceed Expectations A relaxed and enjoyable process buying your tailor-designed home – a home you can trust, built by people you can.
We have a support service like nothing else in the industry, that extends from before you buy the home until well after you start living there. 

Researching efficient and functional design

*Specifications vary by country.

Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute and Human Life R&D Institute

Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute and Human Life R&D Institute

Homes that create happiness and joy

We at Sekisui House believe it is the mission of homebuilders to continuously improve quality in the pursuit of higher levels of safety and comfort, and as such, conduct R&D on both the technical and lifestyle design aspects of homebuilding.
Since 1990, our Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute has been researching the most advanced construction methods and technologies and developing and testing new building materials and have been used to create greater homes and living environments for our customers.
In 2018, we established the Human Life R&D Institute - the first institution in Japan to be set up by a company with the specific aim of studying the science of happiness.
The Institute researches the different forms of and the creation of happiness by houses from a scientific and theoretical viewpoint, catering to the diversifying values of society.

Keeping costs low to support you and your family

Lowering the LCC (life-cycle cost)

Houses that retain value over time

Life-cycle cost refers to the total costs related to a house, including the cost of manufacturing the materials, construction, as well as the cost of demolition and disposal.
The initial costs such as construction costs are visible, but it is hard to visualize the daily running costs and maintenance costs, such as utilities, repair and maintenance costs.
Sekisui House has achieved low life-cycle cost by building houses that are of high quality and high function, with superior earthquake resistance, durability and energy-efficiency.
Together with comfort and safety, we also strive to provide houses with long-lasting asset value.

Creating homes that coexist with the environment

Creating homes that coexist with the environment image

Sekisui House’s track record in ZEH (Net Zero Energy Houses)

ZEH refers to houses that combine energy-saving and energy generating technologies while maintaining a comfortable life, leading to net-zero consumption of primary energy.
Each zero-energy home saves around 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.
In 2022, 93% of our newly built detached singe family homes were zero energy homes – beating the previous record - and we have now built 76,509 zero energy homes (as of the end of March 2023).

Sekisui House’s track record in ZEH (Net Zero Energy Houses) imageSekisui House’s track record in ZEH (Net Zero Energy Houses) image

SHAWOOD superior guarantee Unlimited guarantee

In Japan, SHAWOOD’s warranty can be extended as long as the building continues to exist

In Japan, SHAWOOD has an initial 30-year structural and waterproofing warranty.
Even after the initial warranty period is over, the warranty can be extended without limitation - as long as the building continues to exist - by conducting the paid inspection and construction work.
The entire Sekisui House Group supports the house, through advanced technologies as well as the long-term guarantee to enable you to enjoy a stress-free life with your family.

After sales support

Prompt inspection and repair with strict information management

Sekisui House backs up the maintenance of your house over the long-term.
In Japan, for example, nearly 10% of our workforce is dedicated to regular inspections after delivery, there to support your home.

After sales support image

The Customer Center is a trusted partner that helps to protect you and your family

Sekisui House builds houses that are supported by the most advanced technologies and are loved by families living there more and more over time.
In Japan we have Customer Centers throughout the country, offering thorough after sales support that can promptly respond to any consultation or maintenance needs.
We value the relationship with customers, and will continue to monitor your house and your family’s life in it.
Building a lifelong relationship with our customers is part of Sekisui House’s DNA.
We will introduce this approach worldwide, tailored to each of the regions we build homes in.

*Specifications vary by country.