Make home
the happiest place
in the world
Sekisui House celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2020, and in those years, we have provided over 2.5 million safe, secure and comfortable homes to our customers – originally in Japan but now globally.
Our focus as we embark on the next 60 years is to make home the happiness place in the world, and SHAWOOD is the embodiment of that focus.
We will utilize the technology and learnings we have developed over the first 60 years to provide sanctuaries of comfort, security and happiness to people all over the world.



SHAWOOD is a resilient, functional and beautiful home built by Sekisui House – Japan’s premier home builder.

Created in Japan in 1995, SHAWOOD is built using our proprietary construction system and responded to a demand for a highly engineered home that could withstand the harshest natural conditions, while remaining beautiful and providing a sanctuary of comfort and security to its residents. SHAWOOD uses a rigid frame created from tailored, pre-cut engineered wood structural members connected by precision metal joints, to create a structure that can withstand the strongest earthquakes and extreme weather that often strike Japan, while maintaining comfort and security inside the home.
Each SHAWOOD is also tailor-made to suit your own individual lifestyle. It catered to the Japanese demand for “houses of the future”, delivering technologies that create and support comfortable, harmonious and healthy lifestyles.

This strength, durability and tailored design makes SHAWOOD a sanctuary to protect and preserve your most valuable people and assets, both now and for generations to come. It is a home for life, a place where every stage in life plays out again and again across the generations.

With a track record of over 85,000 SHAWOOD homes, Sekisui House is now bringing SHAWOOD globally and delivering thousands more homes to customers every year.

SHAWOOD - make home the happiest place in the world.

Experience the World of SHAWOOD



Sekisui House is bringing the resilience, function and beauty of SHAWOOD to the world.