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One of the world's largest housing R&D centers

Sekisui House is carrying out various housing-related R&D projects at its research centers. Among them, its Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute is one of the world's largest research centers of its kind, where research is conducted to develop proprietary housing technologies and offer attractive proposals for new lifestyles. With this institute at the core, we hope to lead the world with our forward-looking approach.

R&D on better housing environments

Opened on a site that spans 7,000m² in 1990, the Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute consists of an R&D center that is responsible for the development of architectural technologies, the evaluation of housing performance, and the proposal of new lifestyles; and the Nattoku Kobo Studio (Home Amenities Experience Studio) that explores ideal housing with input from residents.
Through R&D on both structural performance and comfortable living, the institute is helping to create better housing environments.

From high-precision measurements to large-scale experiments

At Sekisui House, we conduct tests on the seismic performance of structures and the durability of construction materials to check the basic performance of our housing products, and use the test results to further enhance safety and comfort.
Performance tests conducted in-house enable us to promptly identify problems and take measures without delay, thus contributing greatly to improving our housing performance.

Creating solutions for new lifestyles

Housing environments ideal for living with a pet; or for the healthy growth of children; or for senior lifestyles - the needs for housing designs vary from family to family.
We conduct research and development on new lifestyles from customers' perspectives to ensure safe and comfortable living for all with our proprietary solutions, such as the Airkis high-quality indoor air system that is beneficial to the health of children, and our original "Gururin Dannetsu" high-efficiency thermal insulation system that contributes to healthy living and energy conservation, as well as universal design.