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Globally delivering high-performance housing products developed in a country where high quality is taken for granted

"Made in Japan" is synonymous with high quality, and this is certainly the case for housing products, too. We offer customers around the world top-quality housing developed through our strenuous, uncompromising efforts.

Custom-made housing designs by automated production

To assure stable performance and quality for all our housing products, we are promoting the automation of production by incorporating robots in our production lines to enable us to accommodate a wide variety of custom-made housing design needs. Robot-equipped production lines produce high-quality building components designed differently for each home based on blueprints made by our branch offices and sent to the factory through our network.

Japan's most trusted homebuilder

Homebuilding is about realizing the dreams of customers. Therefore, homebuilders should be trustworthy enough for customers to share their dreams.
Sekisui House outperformed all our competitors in a recent questionnaire survey that asked Japanese customers to select a trustworthy and reliable housing manufacturer.*

*Source: The 12th questionnaire on the images of housing manufacturers, conducted by MyVoice Communications, Inc. in January 2018