Sekisui House celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2020, and over those years we have provided over 2.6 million homes to our customers both in Japan and globally.
Built on this unparalleled history and experience, we commit ourselves to a future where people all around the world can live joyful lives in safe, secure and comfortable homes.

Global Vision & Initiatives

Our Achievements

2.6 M 44 K outside Japan Total Number of Homes Built

No.1 in the world

We are the leader in the housing industry and have supplied more homes than any other builder in the world.

As of January 31, 2024

83.5 K Total Number of ZEH Built

Unrivaled ZEH track record

We lead the housing industry with our unrivaled track record of 83,541 zero energy homes supplied in Japan.

As of March 31, 2024

95 % Ratio of ZEH in Newly-Built Houses in 2023

Unrivaled ZEH track record

95% of new detached houses we sold in Japan in 2023 were net zero energy houses – a new record.

April of each year to March of the following year

60 th Anniv. Established in 1960
For 60 years , our focus has been to create safe, secure, and comfortable homes, and to improve environmental performance. For the next 30 years , we aim to provide new services that lead to happiness.

19.0 M Total Number of Trees Planted
Gohon-no-ki is a tree-planting program where we plant 5 local, native trees in our customers’ gardens - three for the birds and two for the butterflies. 19.0 million trees have been planted since the program began in 2001.
ZEH : net zero energy house







Global De facto Standard

SHAWOOD is Sekisui House’s brand of wooden-framed homes and it achieves a freedom of home and lifestyle design not bound by conventional approaches to wooden-framed home building.
Currently being built in Japan, the U.S. and Australia, we aim to make Sekisui House technology the global de facto standard.

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